Lost Week

“If you are serious about wanting to be a writer, your days of being a member of polite society are numbered.” Stephen King from On Writing.

Had a bit of a breakdown in The Schedule last week.  It came about because of my social life.  Usually I don’t have much of a social life, at least during the week when I do most of my writing.  But it was St. Pat’s and Iwent to a friends for a night of dinner, music, and whiskey.  Then some other friends got married on Thursday (I know, right? selfish friends. so very selfish) so I didn’t get any writing done then.  And of course that’s two ‘day after’s’ so I couldn’t write then either. 

I shoot for one post a week on this blog but I wasn’t even on line to check my e-mail let alone post.  Stupid social life.  Okay sure maybe I didn’t have a topic.  Maybe I still don’t which is why I’m bitching about my selfish, selfish friends.  But I do have a point.  Actually two. 

First point.  Unless you’re writing your manifesto in a cozy little shack somwhere, you’re gonna have the odd social engagement.  Forewarned is forearmed though so try to plan for it.  Double your word count the day before, take off work or something.  Maybe get up at 3:30 am to write like the crazy SOB who runs this site. 

Second point.  Don’t waste too much energy bemoaning the lost day (or week) just get back at it.  If you’re quitting smoking and you slip one day you don’t start smoking again, you just move on.  It’s the opposite for a writer.  When we slip we stop our habit but let’s just move on.  Back on schedule, back on track.

About Eric Bahle

Eric Bahle stopped going to his real job so he could be a full time digital author and storyteller. He loves being in the woods with his bow or on the water in his kayak. He lives in Pennsylvania with his lovely wife and a mongrel dog. He is working on his next bestselling story.