More writing about writing

A quick note that this week we’re looking to increase the posting frequency for this blog, and shooting for new posts Monday to Friday. This may mean you see more of a salad of tip, tricks, writing exercises, and miscellany as we get used to this increased schedule.

Also, note the “we” in there.  Something I think gets lost in the shuffle is that this blog is scribed by five quite talented individuals, not just little ol’ me.  Check out the About page for more info on the crew.

I hope you enjoy the new content, and we welcome any thoughts and comments you have as we go.


About Jeff Moriarty

A dabbler in many arts, from Ignite Phoenix to Improv, and from Information Security to Screenwriting. Jeff loves creating new things, and tries his hand at many forms of writing from screenplays to prose. He pontificates on his personal blog, and helps authors get their works online.