Research and Writing

Recently, I had the interesting task of researching Amsterdam brothels for a piece…I was writing. I found a lot of useful information and even considered a career change after seeing how much money one could make in the Red Light District (joking). Over the past year I’ve researched psychic children, moonshine, gardening, name origins, serial killers, soiled doves, and romance novels all in preparation for producing my own writing. It strikes me how much writers must research in order to produce their material and how enjoyable the research process is when it involves an area in which you are interested. Even if you aren’t initially interested in the subject, venturing into the unknown is stimulating to the imagination.
Back in high school everyone dreaded the research paper, including myself. Now, as a grown up (I use the term loosely) who engages in the writing process I see how important research is to the writing process. Part of me thinks that the research process is so much more appealing these days because it is so simple; with a click of a button we have access to all sorts of information. Today, knowing I had to do a little research on Amsterdam brothels, all I had to do was type those two words into Google and click on a link. All of a sudden I had information from prices to hottest escorts, to different types of brothels in Amsterdam. Before the Internet I can imagine that the research process was a bit more difficult. Personally, I remember digging through books to write a paper on Scientology back when I was in college. It was a little like slogging through thick mud in that the process itself was so slow, but I enjoyed it (as those who know me know I enjoy mud in general). I think researching topics of interest is a great way to expand my knowledge base and I think one of the best things about being a writer is digging into material, such as brothels and moonshine, that I might never have subjected myself to otherwise. So a question to other writers out there is: What have you researched that you found fascinating or that sparked a great story?

About M. Jaynes

A female educator with anger-management issues, M. Jaynes is causing change in the world by inspiring (some may say forcing) young minds to think for themselves and question everything.