Actually, you do have the time.

My excitement about this blog is only exceeded by my my complete lack of any clear idea on what to blog about.  It is true I have a lot of ideas about writing and storytelling.  Some of them might even be original.  I love the creativity, I get off on the different ways of using language, I believe that there is a magic to using story in its many forms.  Once we get the new squeaks and creaks out of this I may throw some of that out there for mental munching.   Before I get into too much esoterica though, I think I’ll stick with something a little more concrete, a little more nuts and bolts, hammer and nails– you know, something you can use. 

You have time to write.  Seriously. 

  It helps to have great ideas and maybe even talent but it’s more important to write.  To sit down and physically, actually write.  A mediocre manuscript that’s complete is light years ahead of a fantastic idea that doesn’t get written down.  And what’s the biggest excuse?  ‘I don’t have the time.’  But you do.  

What’s your favorite Seinfeld episode?  Is it ‘The Contest’?  Next time it’s on TV, don’t watch it, write.  I know it’s funny but you’ve seen it fifty times already.  How about that crappy show in between the good shows?  Instead of watching that crappy show, write.  If you give up one of the good shows you should be able to get at least an hour.  If you got an hour a night just on weeknights that’s still five hours a week.  If you managed five hundred words an hour you’d have ten thousand words in a month.  Feel free to check my math.  I scored higher on the verbal portion of my SAT’s which is why I’m not blogging on Algebra is  If it sounds simplistic, it is.  It’s also exactly the way I started carving out time to write.   

About Eric Bahle

Eric Bahle stopped going to his real job so he could be a full time digital author and storyteller. He loves being in the woods with his bow or on the water in his kayak. He lives in Pennsylvania with his lovely wife and a mongrel dog. He is working on his next bestselling story.


  1. Great point – the time is there. It is simply how you choose to spend it, and if writing is really a priority.

  2. M. Jaynes says

    Nice post! You are correct, sir.