Competition and The Zone…



The other bloggers on this site know well that I have some serious issues when it comes to competition. Many of them have received elbows to medulla oblongata as a result of my issues. So when the Nanowrimo gauntlet was thrown, I was ready. One month to compose a novel of 50,000 words. I ended up getting over 50,000 in 15 days. Now, the guys will tell you that it is because it was a competition and I felt the need to “bury” them. Personally, however, I submit that I just happened to get into The Zone and it worked for me.

What is this Zone of which I speak? Well, for those with a “New Agey” sensibility it is very much akin to automatic writing. For those more grounded on the earth plane, it is kinda like when you drive home and forget the trip. I was on auto-pilot, plain and simple. For some reason, the planets were aligned or I had eaten a healthy breakfast for once I began to write, it poured out of me. Very few times did I find myself with my fingers poised over the computer keys begging for the ideas to come. Bottom line: I got lucky. The Zone is a wonderful place to be, especially when you have to write so much in such a short time. Even now as I go back over the manuscript I literally don’t recall typing those words. It is hard to explain.

Now, while The Zone sounds like an appealing place it also carries some hazards as I have found. Because the words poured forth without much effort the first time, it gives me pause to even attempt a second. For you poker players out there it is like the concept of beginner’s luck. Maybe it is my first poker tournament and I place in the top four. It will never, ever happen again. You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it. It is why I am invited back to play again. They know I won’t perform that way again.

I admit I am hesitant to try another novel because I think I may have blown my luck on the first one. How frustrated would I be if it didn’t come so easily the second time? Survey says: Pretty Damn Frustrated!

I know. I know. I am making excuses. I should just shut up about it and get to writing again already. Like my “Blog Brethren” will ever give me any peace if I don’t. So, in the interest of keeping the Men of Moleskins off my case, I will start writing novel number 2…….tomorrow. 😉

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  1. Novel #2? Woohoo! You’re still going to be wrapping up your NaNoWriMo rewrite aren’t ya? 😉