Who am I and what have I done with myself?

More precisely: Am I a writer or do I merely enjoy the trappings of the writer?

And with this set of questions I began a bit of introspection.

Though I do not derive my daily sustenance from the commission of writing, I have, on occasion, completed works of professional length. These completions have, at least to date, always been followed by periods of languor, whereupon I quickly lose the oh-so-crucial momentum that was achieved and experienced.

Writing consistency has been my greatest bane, for which I have yet to find my own personal balm. Carrot or stick? All I know is that I am the distracted donkey in the middle of the conundrum.

As one of my esteemed co-bloggers here has stated, it starts by carving out the necessary time per day. Could it really be that simple? When I look back at the time periods of my greatest productivity, I see exactly that. A commitment to consistency. A refusal to be distracted from the goal. The application of time to the craft.

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  1. Mmmm….languor. I hear what you’re saying and you’re not wrong. You complete something big and feel you’ve earned a little break. And you have. But the little break stretches into a big break and then -POW!- momentum’s gone. Stupid languor.