I have a fever for the Frenzy!

My first quarter goal of finishing the novel I started during NaNoWriMo in November was pretty much blown to hell and back. That will have to be back-burnered for now since it’s Script Frenzy time! While I liked it a whole lot better when it took place in June, I had such a blast kicking out my sci-fi/horror mashup last year that I just have to do it again. This time around I will be tossing together the follow-up which is actually the second part of an eventual trilogy. I took a long walk today and worked out a few big story points, so I am about as ready to go as I was last time around.

This go around I will be focusing on striking the proper balance between the narrative action elements and the dialogue as well as propelling the story forward with each scene.

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  1. Well I hope the NaNo won’t be forgotten on the back burner. Maybe gettin yer frenzy on will build up the steam to finish the novel. Of course you might want to use that steam for Part III?

  2. How are you going to work on finding that balance? Is there a specific thing you are going to try and accomplish in each scene? Or a tool you’re going to use?

  3. grindhouse says

    I will mainly be watching for action elements that feel like they are “running away” with the scene. It’s going to be a bit difficult since there is a featured character that can, by virtue of its nature, have no dialogue. I am going to strive for less “lateral” motion in this screenplay and will also be watching out for the “talking head of authority” syndrome.

  4. M. Jaynes says

    Go get ’em Grind…Can’t wait to see it!

  5. grindhouse says

    Though I started out with the fever, life opened a jarful of antipyretics along the way. I fell short by several thousand words. Add another partially written project to the “sometime” pile.