Keeping the juices flowing with word exercises

All the members of my writing group are working on different projects and topics, with many different speeds and styles.  We’re very different writers, but all share the common affliction of sometimes just having the creative well run dry.  To combat that we started choosing a random word for each session for everyone to work on.

The general goal is to write a single page on whatever the word sparks in you. We may use the word directly, or just be a spark to send us off in an odd direction. It can be a narrative, a scene, a character sketch, or even a poem.  Sometimes if we’re really feeling masochistic we’ll choose a genre to write in along with the word.  Try writing a “tragic romance” about “waffles” sometime.

It has been a great success for our group.  You don’t have to write a word each week, but if you’re not making progress on your main writing project then it is a good fallback to keep the words flowing.  I’ve also had a number of the single-pagers turn into larger stories later, and one ended up turning into one of my screenplays.

Starting this week we’ll be posting our creative writing under the category of “Word Exercises” and tag it with the word from that.  The first ones will be up this weekend, and then around every two weeks after that.  We welcome any feedback or input on the pieces and hope you enjoy them.

About Jeff Moriarty

A dabbler in many arts, from Ignite Phoenix to Improv, and from Information Security to Screenwriting. Jeff loves creating new things, and tries his hand at many forms of writing from screenplays to prose. He pontificates on his personal blog, and helps authors get their works online.