creative writing exercise – capstone

“Sire, we have intercepted a communiqué from the Figurativian Minister of Defense, apparently to a military outpost near our border. It was brought, without delay, so that you and your advisors could take action.”

“I thank you for your timely delivery. Please retire to the castle guards’ quarters so that you may partake of the evening meal. I may have need to send you back to your unit, so keep yourself at the ready.”

“Of course, my liege; I live to serve at your gracious benevolence.”

Entering the advisory chamber, the king found all of his ministers already engaged in conversation regarding the purloined instructions. At his entrance, they all ceased talking and gave their full attention to him; just as he expected from such loyal appointees.

“Sire, I am sure you would like to hear the contents of the letter,” said one of the ministers, “Please allow me to read it forth.”

“Of course, of course, let me hear what our belligerent neighbors have cooked up,” replied the king, with a wave of his noble hand.

“Proceed with plan to seize the capstone and, with it, control of the kingdom,” read the minister.

“That’s it?” queried the king.

“That is it”, answered the minister who had read the letter out loud. “We have been debating its meaning since it arrived.”

“Debating? Why, it is quite clear. Our daft neighbors think that merely taking the capstone above this castle’s main entrance will in some way give them rule over our lands. Now, I would agree that this capstone is quite fetching, but we all know it has nothing to do with my authority. Therefore, we must hastily make sure this very directive gets to its intended recipients. Then, we can post our entire garrison of guards to lay in wait for this band of rogues and when they attempt to gain the stone, we shall ambush the lot of them and be done with this business.”

“But, Sire,” started one of the other ministers.

“But, nothing. Am I not the ruler of this great land of Literallia?”

“Yes, Sire, of course.”

“Then make ready my plan. The soldier who brought the letter to us is resting in the guards’ barracks. He must return from whence he came and insure that the directive takes its original path.”

Late that night, the king was awakened as several armed men entered his chambers.

“What is this impertinence?” he demanded.

“We have our orders. We are here to effectively seize control of your kingdom.”

“But, what of the capstone as mentioned in the intercepted directive?”

“You, yourself, are the capstone that was referenced, Figuratively speaking.”

“Curse the subtle language differences between our peoples; I, of course, read it Literally.”

“And in so doing, sent your entire guard to the other side of the castle, just as we predicted you would when we allowed the letter to be taken.”

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  1. This is the perfect way to break down this inofmraiton.