creative writing exercise – first fifty words

I found myself just needing to plunk down some words this evening.  So, I cast my gaze across the online landscape and found a prompt at First 50 Words that intrigued me: write 50 words about “the sun” or inspired by the provided picture.  I took inspiration from the image, though my reaction is an oft-used (for me at least) “clearly, a crime has been committed here”.

Standing here in the light of day, with the sun creeping slowly toward its overhead position, the house looked safe enough.  And so it should have been, since that was the basic idea behind a “safe” house.  This one had served my department well over the years, a quaint slice of suburbia meant to look like every other house on the street.  That idyllic notion, however, had been recently compromised, as evidenced by the jagged streak of yellow crime scene tape that was now being unfurled around the perimeter.  I took some professional comfort in the fact that what had occurred had not taken place on my watch, though I knew that to be a mere twist of fate’s fickle finger.

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  1. Eric Bahle says

    Mmmm….hard boiled prose.