A Free-Verse Poem from the Past…

I remember sweet leaf and fairy-ring full moon
In an orchard plump with apples and chaotic trees
We stood taking in the smoke and the night
Silent but our disquieted minds
And I recall clutching at the cool white bricks
Of the dormitory wall
Pleading with myself not to fall with my head full of haze and thinking
And I laughed at the couple
He a hockey player, C-Average misfit blinking beer and sex
Just this shy of the puck and the fuck
And she blonde sheets of hair and hazel-wrapped eyes
J Crewed and Jim Beam buxom toxic jock-cock tease
I found them hysterical and they thought me mad
And shuffled past

In a third floor room
Towel shoved under the door and incense smothering the skunky
Sweet smell of escapism
A born-again senior with a ceramic bowl
Accepting me because I had hairy legs and wore no bra
We smoked and she talked of acid trips to Boston and back
Hits in the fridge and wine-cooler warm
Wax drips like blood from a cut
And the smoke spoke in high-pitched philosophy
Of gods and books and razor’s last meeting

About M. Jaynes

A female educator with anger-management issues, M. Jaynes is causing change in the world by inspiring (some may say forcing) young minds to think for themselves and question everything.


  1. Scott Shields says

    I like the vivid imagery in this poem.