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Hollywood is guilty of committing many offenses. Among them is their idea of what women want to see in movies. Following is number one of perhaps several bits of advice an average woman such as myself would like to pass along to those that make movies:

Stop trying to inject love stories into action flicks!

As with many women, I like a good romantic movie and even partake of the occasional “Rom-Com” now and again. I do not, however, appreciate what promotes itself as an action movie attempting to shove a romance down my throat. There is a time and a place and personally, I prefer to keep my action movies and my romantic movies separate.

I think this is one reason why I like the film “Equilibrium” more than “The Matrix.” The relationship between Trinity and Neo in “The Matrix” feels forced to me and I think the movie could have done well without it. Granted, this may be because I can’t conceive of anyone falling in love with a Keanu Reeves character. Yes, my bias against this is strong and may be why this relationship seems unnecessary to me. Bias or no, it also raises a question: Is a romance something Hollywood injects into an action movie to increase the chances that women will buy a ticket? If so, they underestimate women I think.

Take the film “Equilibrium.” Grammaton Cleric, John Preson is intrigued by Mary O’Brien which leads him to stop taking the numbing Prozium. This act propels the plot forward and while the female character inspires feeling in the protagonist, the two do not engage in a romantic relationship. It was a choice I found refreshing as the audience was left to enjoy the action flick without suffering through a forced romance.

As a woman, what I would rather see in action flicks is what I encountered in the film “Alien vs Predator.” Here a strong woman takes control and kicks much ass when she finds herself in the middle of the battle between these two Sci-Fi power-houses. The male predator creature that she encounters during battle RESPECTS her instead of trying to seduce her. That is what I would like to see Hollywood attempt with more women in action flicks. Take the Ripley in “Aliens” route, not the Jordan Tate in “Under Seige” path…that way lies discontent for female viewers. So Hollywood, save the romances for the “Rom-Coms” and stop ruining our action movies by giving us what you think women want.

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  1. Forgive my feminist paranoia, but I fully subscribe to the idea that romance is injected into action movies as a lizard-brain “alpha male wins woman as prize” conceit.

    Trinity is a better female character than most, but she still really only exists to validate what an awesome person Neo is, and it makes me nuts.
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  2. Most times romance in an action movie feels like a checklist item for the producer – crash scene, romance, happy ending.

    If the male-female relationship is central to the story it works, but far too often it’s superfluous and unsatisfying. Even some Rom-Coms suffer from contrived romance story lines.