Running Scared For a Running Start.

Crap!  It’s almost November.  That means National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo for us hipster doofuses.  I am not done with my current project (also a novel) but I’m going in anyway.  Screw it!  This event is about getting the damn words on paper.  Well, on the computer screen but whatever.  I’m not waiting until next year and neither should you.  I won’t be prepared but that won’t stop me and it shouldn’t stop you, either.  What did prepared ever get anybody anyway?  Nothing that’s what.  Just write a novel.  In a month.  Don’t worry about your story arc or an outline either.  You won’t really have time for that.  You will need a basic idea but it doesn’t have to be much.  “Two friends are plumbers by day, paranormal investigators by night”.  Okay, that’s GhostHunters on SciFi so it’s taken but maybe there’s a twist–“Two friends are paranormal investigators by day, and plumbers by night“.  Scary.  Anyway if you don’t have an idea a situation will do.  No whining.  No excuses.  Now’s your chance.  Have some fun with it while you’re at it.  I’m pulling for you.  Check out and get crackin.