Trying some interactive fiction on Wattpad and I’d love your input

Sometimes I get into a rut and need a challenge to snap me out of it. My rut lately has been a lack of writing word count. It takes way too long for me to put words together, and it’s even a whole mental gymnastics process to get in the right frame of mind to start! No bueno.

To shake myself out of it I’m going to try writing some interactive fiction, along the lines of the Choose Your Own Adventure books. I’ll post a few hundred words of a story and then ask the readers to choose what happens next. The difference here is that I’m not writing every outcome so you can backtrack and try out different paths. After I post a section I’ll take any votes I get and will write that next chapter. I have some general ideas what’s going on when the story begins, but really no idea where it goes from there.

I’m also using this as an excuse to try out Wattpad, a place for people to share stories for free. I’ll be publishing my story chapters for “Power Shift” right here, and you can leave comments there, on this blog, my Facebook page, or anywhere you like. I’ll tally the votes for what happens next after a day or so and write the next section.

Power Shift is a scifi story I’ve had noodling around for a while, and if that genre isn’t your thing, no worries at all. Check out some of the many other great things to read on Wattpad from romance to humor.

Otherwise, please check out chapter one and let me know what you think!