Writers Write!

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The poem below is inspired by the day to day minutia experienced by writers that have every great intention of writing but things gets in the way. Fortunately, I was able to stop myself this week to get this poem finally out of my head. Let me know how you are moving along with your writing projects.

“Writer’s Write,” the book publisher said,
As she completed an inspiring address.
Living those two words in day to day chaos
Is not easy and often a mess.

Writers Write.
That means pen to paper, fingers to keys
So why is the story still in my head?
My thoughts run into roadblocks
Wrapped in fears I’d like to unwed.

Writers Write!
Giving myself a little credit
I have a full time job.
And two if parenting counts,
Picking up the pen to write after a full day’s work
Is more often than not a difficult thought.

Writers Write!
And wrestle too with so many things.
Should this character be this way or that?
Should the ending result in love or a spat?
And don’t start writing anything until all is exact.

Writers Write!
Move beyond the blocks.
Many we create on our own.
Imperfect characters do have merit.
Let go of your fears and move on.

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