Evolving a Story: the writing group feedback loop – Part 1

Several months ago, I started a new story during a writing group pomodoro session - I came up with an opening line "We found the rip in our world quite by accident" and ran with it.  A month later there was going to be another pomodoro session where … [Continue reading]

Oh Please, Do Tell

  Show, don’t tell. Put the reader in the moment. Activate the senses with detail. Be specific. These are all necessary lessons and they’re repeated like a common mantra in just about every creative writing course. It’s not bad advice. … [Continue reading]


Once a month, our writing group uses half of our meeting time (we meet for approximately 90 minutes every other week) to explore the pomodoro technique together.  We write for 20 minutes, then discuss the experience before setting the timer and going … [Continue reading]

An introduction to Scrivener

From time to time, the tools we use as writers evolve.  While William Faulkner and F. Scott Fitzgerald wrought their works on the classic Underwood typewriter, in this day and age there are a plethora of options in the digital space.  One such tool … [Continue reading]

Trying some interactive fiction on Wattpad and I’d love your input

Sometimes I get into a rut and need a challenge to snap me out of it. My rut lately has been a lack of writing word count. It takes way too long for me to put words together, and it's even a whole mental gymnastics process to get in the right frame … [Continue reading]